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15 Mar Travelling on Route 66 with children

The history of the Route 66 had already started at the beginning of the 19th century. Due to the increased car traffic, many people demanded shortly later a direct connecting road between both coastal regions. In 1926, US Highway 66 was finally accomplished – thereby connecting east and west coast with each other. Due to countless appearances in films, this road has therefore become world-famous over the decades. Nowadays, the complete Route 66 is no longer accessible in its form and...

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20 Oct Road Trip 2014 to the Malaga Coast

A road trip can only be carried out in the USA? Error! A trip with friends can be a unique way to get the most out of a vacation. And with our partner? In all possible cases it can be wonderful to have the company of your family on the road. Imagine; stops at service areas as can only happen in movies and detours to unfamiliar cities and remote villages. Quite a unique experience! Road trip...

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