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01 Feb Tanzania as the perfect country to enjoy safaris

This African country has already been visited by hundred of thousand of visitors that are searching adventure, landscapes and safaris. That is why we want you to take a look to all the interesting offers in Tanzania. Would you like to discover it? 1. Nature and nature and nature: if there is something you will find in Tanzania that is nature. It does not matter how long you stay. You will want to discover all the...

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04 May Flying to Kenya. Travel tips

Kenya is an African country which name is supposed to be inspired in the mount that represents the most typical place of this country and that is the second highest hill in all the African Continent. Kenya also crosses the Ecuator line. Its capital, Nairobi, is recognized because of its biodiversity and the variety of its ecosystems. Tips to travel Firstly, you will need your visa both if you travel for touristic and business trips. You must contact...

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