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21 Jun 5 Places to visit in Lima

Peru will show you more than you can even imagine. There are many interesting places to visit in Lima and we want to give you a brief guide of the most incredible ones in order to help you with your travel plan. Let’s take a look to the musts in the Peru capital. Five places to see in Lima 1. Historical Centre: the historical centre of this city is like a distinction stamp. You can start your...

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03 May Cartagena de Indias, a colonial jewel in Colombia

This place counts with more than 1 million inhabitants and this is one of the main places in Colombia you should visit if you are travelling to this marvellous country. The colonialism legacy here is one of the most typical tourist attractions although we are going to see one of the black parts of its history. The patrimony from the 16th century is one of the most important ones in America. You must also take into...

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17 Aug Literary trips: following Ana María Matute

This marvellous Spanish writer has just died, but she left us one of the most intimate legacy of national literature. To celebrate this, we make you a proposal: follow some of the scenaries she loved and that became places of pilgrimage for her followers. Barcelona Ana María Matute left many stories and poems talking about the gender struggle to prevail over all. She left us some magical places in Barcelona to visit: Sitges: visit this village is get...

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