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18 Oct Experiences you can try without spending a lot

There are many different options to enjoy for the 20`s, 30`s or 40`s but the truth is that, moreover, the money will make the difference when planning them. Well, we know that visiting New Caledonia is not cheap, but we also have different plans that are affordable for any type of travellers. Let’s take a look and find the one that suits you. 1. The Transiberian (by your own): if you contract the Transiberian or the...

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29 Sep Flights to travel to Eastern Europe

Once summer finishes, it is time to search the best flights to arrive to the Eastern countries of Europe. This time could be one of the best to travel to this part of the world because of the temperatures. Low cost companies to travel to Eastern Europe Air Baltic: this airline, although it cannot be defined as a low cost one, is the one that offers more alternatives to travel to Ucraine. It has very cheap flights...

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01 Sep Panama, a different trip to the American heart

The Panama is a country with one of the most important growths during last years. You will find the best services, the best options for your travel and you will enjoy every day of your stay. 5 reasons to visit Panama 1. The Panama Channel: it is one of the main attractions. You can find many cruises to go through the channel and there are many options to contract many journeys to arrive some of the west...

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