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23 Nov How to travel from Helsinki to the rest of Finland

Do you already know Helsinki? It is really well connected with the rest of the European capitals so it is really easy to arrive there if desired. Although it is not as popular as Stockholm or Oslo and maybe not as photogenic as others, it is a unique trip you should plan and, if you complete it with some other cities of Finland, the trip could be unforgettable. Useful info you’re your moves in Helsinki Depending on...

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15 Nov Discovering Helsinki as never before

A walk in the Helsinki streets will be a route that will show you the Finnish essence, but also that, maybe, all you have already seen in photos is not even as beautiful as the things you will be able to see by yourself. The Finnish capital is famous for some many details so, let’s understand this fisher’s city. Helsinki treasures you should know Helsinki welcomes the Baltic Sea with many islands. There are many surprises here...

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25 Aug Summer trip with the midnight sun in Finland

Maybe you don't feel attracted by the Sun fest but, what about celebrating it where the sun never sets? It will be a very different experience if you enjoy it in this country. We will tell you how to get here, a place you won't be able to forget. Beyond the midnight sun Kingdom Imagine, just for one moment, you live your life in a country where the night last almost all the year and only during...

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