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25 May 5 Museums in Paris that are a must for travelers

Paris offers you more than 150 museums dedicated to many different disciplines and where you can find the best French colections. We want to give you the clues to enjoy the most important museums of Paris, the ones you must visit because of the architectural and historical richness. Louvre Museum It is one of the best known all over the world. Inside this space you will find one of the best artistic collections you will find in...

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02 Mar Barcelona: The Modernist City

Future-oriented, chic, noble and here and there a little snobby appears the Catalonian Mediterranean metropolis by now belonging to the top destinations of European city tourism. It's the dream destination for lovers of extravagant and extra-ordinary architecture and avantgardistic designs, presenting itself as a modern shopping paradise and as a true Eldorado for night owls. But Barcelona isn't just a city moving forward. At the Barri Gòtic surrounding the mighty cathedral, Medieval history is still pulsating....

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